Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wow! Has is really been THAT long??

It's March 10, 2011.
After a few warm weeks the weather decided to give us some more winter, so after a day of soaking rain, we now have winds and cold yucky weather.

I am gearing up for my trip to Holland (April 7) in time for Mom's 88th birthday. After paying way too much last year I was able to use my frequent flyer points and get a practically free ticket this time.

I am ambivalent about going. Wanting to meet a few old friends, but not wanting to leave Wheelie to fend for himself.
Oh, we know Bugs will take care of him, but this past year has taken a bit of a toll on his condition. Things just don't work as well as they did a year ago.

But, like my sister insists, I NEED to get out, if only for a week. Try and have some fun, not to worry or think about "home"

Mom is doing a little better after she was hooked up with an organization that takes care of seniors like her, who needs a little push in the back.
She was very depressed and back and forth in the hospital. She definitely needed some psych help, which she is now (reluctantly) getting. Of course knowing that I'll be coming over perked her right up too.

So we shall see. I am looking forward to meeting with an old work chum of mine. A recent widower. We worked together when I lived in Holland for a few years in the 70s. We send each other Christmas cards and birthday cards every year, and have kept in touch.
Then I am having a little reunion with my girls from the old neighborhood.
On Tuesday my sister and I are taking Mom way up to Friesland to visit a museum, spending the night at a nice little hotel.
On Sunday we will have our annual birthday party with everyone in the family. The first time without my father.

I am also hoping to meet and visit with some of my cousins. We'll see how it all goes.

At home things are rather quiet. No big dramas.
Boo-boo is growing and getting very smart. Hard to believe she is turning 4 in April.
Bugs, Philip and Boo are going on a real family vacation in May, they are going to the beach! They are so excited about it!

Next Wednesday Bugs will have another court date for the damn child support. The wheels of government turn ever so slow, but I guess things are happening. He hasn't paid his child support since I wrote last back in December.
His parents moved to an apartment, and his father had to close his pretty obsolete business of TV repair.
We haven't heard from them, they probably finally got the memo that we are not interested in having them in our lives.

Depending on what happens on Wednesday, I hope Bugs will be able to file a motion to have Daddy permanently removed as Boo's father. That way he won't have to pay anymore, and everyone can go their merry hope...

We shall see.

Right now it's time to drag Boo out of the bathtub. Get her ready for bed.