Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bat girl

We had Boo overnight again. She woke up around 3 coughing. At 5 I'd had enough and so had she. She refused to take medicine, so I got up with her and watched Dumbo. As soon as she was upright the cough was gone. Post nasal drip I guess.

Poor Wheelie couldn't get back to sleep either so he got up and had his shower at 6.
In the meantime Boo was roaring and ready to start the day, running around with her bat hat on eating BUGS, because that's what bats DO, while the both of us kind of sat around bleary eyed and yawning.

She then proceeded to sit at her little table, invited Wheelie to sit by her and started "reading" him a big pile of books. It was now 7 am (yes, that is Matt Lauer on the TV and yes, it was still kinda dark outside.)

We had our breakfast, got her to brush her teeth, took my own shower, and then got her dressed in her new outfit. It is picture day at school. Her first! So she had to look nice. Well, she did.

As soon as I got back home I jumped back in bed and managed to sleep for a few more hours. Wheelie took a nap at the dining room table. He simply refuses to go back to bed for a nap.

So life has been going well. No large upsets. Weather still just amazing. Mom doing pretty good.

Bugs received her first child support check the other day. Crap! She was SO hoping he wouldn't so she could take him back to court again in November and get his sorry butt back incarcerated.
Unfortunately she only gets half of what she is supposed to, probably a condition of the Fathers Work plan. The State takes it out of his paycheck, and since he is working in a Salon as a receptionist and hair sweeper, he can't be making much.

She claims she doesn't want the money. What a dunce! We suggested she start a savings account for Boo with it. After all it IS for HER. So now we are waiting for him to contact Bugs in regard to visitation of some sort. She is petrified. But since he hasn't made any effort in that direction she has some breathing room. Of course the time will come when she will have to face the music and make some arrangements with him. I can tell the whole issue still overwhelms her.

My mother has been trying to get me to go OUT and DO things (she should talk, hehe)
So when one of my neighbors invited me to join her at the knitting club at St. Francis, I went.
What can I say. Bunch of old ladies knitting and crocheting and yapping. Not my cuppa tea, but what the heck. I'll honor my neighbor's invitation and go a few times.

Since the weather has been so cool in the morning I've also started to do a little walking again. My hips are simply rusted. It's downright disgusting how I've let myself go the past year.
I can't go very far, but try to go a little further every time.

It's a start, isn't it?


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Another Sunday.
After our "live" alarm clock got us up at 7:30, we got a phone call from the fraud department of one of our major credit card companies.
Someone in Florida was getting gas and groceries in Homestead and charging it to my account.
I wonder how in the world they got a hold of it, since I never physically use that card, and only use it for Amazon and ordering flowers for Mom online.
It amazed me that they had all the information at their fingertips, and told me exactly where the card was used and when. Thank God no one tried to buy a flat screen TV or some other large item.
It was caught in time. The account is now closed, the cards cut up, and the issue investigated.

I took Boo-boo home at ten (Bugs was still asleep, I later found out she didn't get out of work until 4:30am, this girl needs a different job)
While driving I dropped something and muttered: Oma is such a dummmy... Comes the voice from the backseat: nah, Oma is friggin'....
Huh? *lol*
After I dropped her off I went to the store for the paper, and the rest of the day I spent fast asleep in bed. Dead to the world, strange dreams, driving the car with my eyes glued shut etc...

The temps are warm again, very strange for October, 90 degrees!

I guess the last few days have been nice and quiet.
One of my neighbors knocked on my door the other day. She heard from my neighbor across the street that I needed to get out and DO something.
Well, on Thursday I will join her and her other cronies for the Knitting Group at St. Francis Catholic Church.
I sold all my leftover yarn and knitting needles during my garage sale. Actually I sold some and GAVE most of it to yet another neighbor, who, as it turns out, goes to the same "club"

Not an unfamiliar activity for me. Both my aunts back in California did a lot of knitting and crocheting for "the Sisters" in their parish. Many of my afghans went there as well.

So we'll see what this is all about.

Mom spent last weekend at my brothers'. She said she had a good time (mind you, weekend meaning: picking her up late on Friday and bringing her back early Sunday, baby steps, I guess)
But getting out of her house seems to have perked her up a little. My sister and her man should be back from Spain by now, but I haven't heard from her yet.
I get the feeling everyone needs their space at the moment. I certainly can identify with that.
I wish I could just go and disappear for a while by myself.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is wrong with my head?

I've made a real mess of my checking account. Just have no idea how I could screw it up so bad. I do my banking online. I guess sometimes when I pay the bills I fill out the info, like the amount and date, but I forget to CLICK the submit button on the bottom.

Really stupid stuff. It's frustrating.

My head hurts. Feels like it's stuffed with cotton. Sometimes I say the weirdest thing without realizing it. Like I was telling Bugs last night about Boo: "Her little motor mouth never STARTED"...(instead of STOPPED)
Then my husband mentions I was whistling "that" Sousa march (Stars and Stripes) last night...He mentioned it two minutes after I apparently did. I had no idea I did...

My short term memory is pretty bad as well. I'll get up to do something or get something and the minute my butt leaves the chair I will have forgotten what it was.
And no, it's NOT something we ALL do sometimes. It is getting worse. It's embarrassing. I can't remember people's names, Folks I know. I forget my phone number, complete blank the other day.
I still cry at the drop of a hat. Don't need much to get very emotional. Thank God I keep it down to while I am in the car driving.
Yeah, I know...dangerous...Sometimes I literally have to pull over...

Today is my day off. Had to go to the bank, did some browsing at Target and Kohls, but I got so dizzy in the stores, I had to leave.

Boo was funny last night. She is very good at entertaining herself these days. Sits and
reads books to her invisible friends, runs around the house flying her fairies around. Gets everything out of my jewelry cabinet. Holding up a solid jade bangle: Look Oma, a tiny hoola hoop!

Wheely seems to be getting more withdrawn, fragile. He scares me when he dozes off. Or when he's asleep in bed. He can look so old, so pale, so dead.
I found a bunch of his old coworkers on Facebook. Some of them emailed him, and he wrote them back. But I don't see much joy or surprise in him. Maybe he just doesn't want to be bothered.

It has gotten cold at night. I love this weather, nice and cool and sunny, crisp. Time for the down comforters and the flannel sheets.

I've got $267 left in the bank until the 27th. Should be interesting. At least all the bills except the Cable is paid for the month.
Lots of soup for dinner I guess....

'Daddy' managed to send Philip a message in Facebook. He says he wants to do the right thing.
etc. So...where is he? Why isn't he calling Bugs instead? He seems to be circling around, trying to find a way in. He probably wouldn't dare email me, he's probably scared pissless of me and my big mouth. :>)

One of Ph.'s dogs had to be put down. He bit Ph's little brother (AGAIN) The kid's father, who had him for the weekend found out and called the cops. The dog was gone and dead before Ph. was even told. I can't blame the guy though. Both dogs have bitten the children. You simply cannot mix two small hyper kids and three big dogs in one small house. It doesn't matter what kind of dogs they are. (This, unfortunately, was a pit-mix) Even our dachsie was known to nip a few people in her time.
I feel bad for Ph. But I would have done the same thing. So the other dogs are now on notice. The bluetick hound who bit Boo a few months ago is a sweet dog, but if the kids get to wild with her and corner her, she will try and defend herself. Ph and I got into a very emotional word exchange about that. (that's putting it nicely)

Sweet dog or not, children en other humans come first in my opinion.

And so it goes.....


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flowers from Mom

Got this big surprise yesterday. My Mom sent me flowers...."just because"....
Such a sweet surprise.
Of course Boo-boo had to pose with them, putting on her ham face.

It has been a nice quiet Saturday. Went grocery shopping this morning. Started out at the big Target, was disappointed with their prices, so I shopped at Super Wallymart instead.

It's tough when you only have about $400 to spend on food until next payday (October 27) after all the bills are paid. When the money wasn't so tight I would be shopping for little things for Boo, like clothes and shoes and little treats. No more. Bugs will now be the sole clothes / shoes buyer from now on.

The weather to great. Didn't walk this morning (not going to overdo it I suppose, hehe)
And right now Boo is sprawled out on my bed watching Pocahantas, for the 300th time.
I wouldn't be surprised if she nodded off. Not good, because she is spending the night and I am hoping to get her in bed at 8:30 (Oma's time) news is good news.

I tried to film Boo and myself singing a song last night, but it didn't turn out so hot. Will have to try another time.

Wishing you all a great weekend.