Monday, August 22, 2016


Today I decided to try and find where baby daddy/sperm donater is incarcerated, since he doesn't show up on the local county jail list anymore.

They shipped him to the south of Georgia. In the middle of nowhere.

And there was his (LONG) rap sheet.
Nothing hugely criminal. Burglary, forgery, parole violations, etc etc
and just being a plain dumb ass.
Since he screwed up his parole one last time they threw the book at him.

20 years!

But he is eligible for parole in 2020.
Imagine that!!

That's when Boo will be entering high school.

The more I read about it, and the more I brooded about his holier than thou frigging family, I got myself madder and madder.
To the point where I was ready to send him a very long and nasty letter.

He now owes his child $33.000 in back child support.

His family more than once bailed him out. Let him mess up over and over.
Because he was being SO good. Found the LORD. blah blah blah
In the meantime we were helping raise the baby, and supporting the daughter.

The $33.000 was a bout the amount we had in savings..

All gone.

House foreclosed
Filed bankruptcy

Schlepping poor Wheelie and his shrinking body to another home/apartment.

And never an offer to contribute from his parents. Oh, they wanted to see their grand baby, play with her, do the fun stuff.
But we would have appreciated some $$$$$ once in a while
Have them pay childcare
Buy her clothes
Hell, even a box of diapers would have been welcome.

No, they just prayed and prayed and left it all up to Jezus.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't have anything about religious people.
I know (especially lately) some very devout folks, ones that just GIVE from the heart, and don't beat you up about their beliefs.

Whatever rows your boat is my motto.

But they are just simply bigots. Redneck bigots.

SO I was going through my FB and read about a friend of a friend of mine who is undergoing gruweling cancer radiation treatments.
And I thought. Girl, you need to turn that anger into sunshine!
SO I am going to send this poor lady one of my afghans.
That's what I make them for after all.
Not to sell and make a profit
But to make people feel comfy during a terrible time.

It did make me feel better, and more humble.

I won't write that letter, and I keep the family blocked on my FB.

I just need to get myself back on track and love again.
Stop the cycle of anger and futile impotence

Much better for the blood pressure too!



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