Thursday, August 25, 2016

Onward and Upward

I finished the whole kaboodle on eBay.
Sold - got paid - spent a fortune on packing materials - packed everything up -took everything to the post office.


Amazing how much people are willing to spend on dishes that are over 20 years old!

But then, they were good old dishes, popular and durable.

I'll miss them, but my life has changed.
These dishes were so darn heavy.
So I choose a set that was much cheaper and totally different, and much lighter.
No pun intended. haha.

Boo was not impressed. Oh well.

The Olympics are a thing of the past again.
I watched the swimming, the track and field, the diving, the gymnastics.
Overall I wasn't impressed.
I didn't even watch the closing ceremonies.

Maybe I'm becoming jaded.

So now it's time to prepare for my trip home.
I've started to pick the clothes I am taking.

Got myself a little travel mascot named Slick.
He is the miniature Slick of the big one Boo has (which has been used/loved and washed so many times that it looks more like roadkill.

13 More days and I will gather all my willpower and guts together and travel to the airport and get on a plane.

It never bothered me before.
I flew all over the place hundreds of times.
I am not so brave now.
Don't know why.
 But I should really put my confidence cap on and try and get excited.
I am going to see my old friends after all, and my relatives.
Should be fun.

Spider is taking me, we're taking my car, so she can use it for the time being.

She has a job!!!

Started training at Target.

She is excited.

Needs the money like CRAZY!

Yup, Momma's ATM is permanently closed now.
No more bailing out.

As for my grieving thing....

I find myself finding "stuff" that I really don't need to hang onto.

Like the box of music Wheelie wrote in high school and college.
No one is going to play it. It wasn't very interesting.
So out it went.
The only piece I thought was worth while I sent to Spider's old Music teacher, thinking he might be interested. Never heard a word about it.

I'll keep his medals and his scrapbook and his old running shirts.

Spider took his yearbooks.

The other kids got whatever they wanted. Which wasn't a whole lot, and I don't even remember what I sent his son. Bunch of old pictures I think.

I am just left with the memories.
Trying to forget the crappy times, and concentrate on the many happy ones.

I am starting to realize that Wheelie really let me do what I wanted.
Every time I wanted to move.
No problem
Wanted a vacation
No problem
Wanted to step out and have a few flings
No problem
Wanted to get rid of his dogs when Spider was a baby and I thought they would harm her
THAT was a problem, but he did it.
One of the few times I saw him cry, after he came back from the vet.

Maybe he was afraid to lose me.
We both had some dreadful marriages/relationships before
He wasn't about to let me go.
And I'm glad he held on.
Stoic as ever.
I am grateful that I was able to take care of him until the very end.

The end was HIS way
Finally, he got to do it HIS way.


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