Wednesday, August 31, 2016



miniature shampoo, toothpaste, etcetera.....check!

books for reading......check!

Adapter for my charger.....check!

I need special program on my phone in order to use it in Holland....will cost $10 per day
Is it worth it? That's $140......still thinking that one over

Got myself back on the waiting list for a smaller apartment.....check!
I don't qualify for the really cheap one, because my income is too high LOLOL


But at least it will be a big difference.

Now we wait.

Boo joined the chorus at school.
I hope she likes it. She has a beautiful voice. She needs a hobby.
Spider started her job at Target. Whoopee!

And I am just going with the flow here. Crocheting another blankie, reading another book, going to bed early, but feeling pretty good.

So there!


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